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Benefits of A Customized CRM Database and User Interface

In a fast-paced world, many businesses offer one-size-fits-all services and solutions. For example, some Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions force clients to use their out-of-the-box fields, forms, and limited options. Finding a vendor who understands the uniqueness of each customer is essential. Yet, finding a partner who accommodates their customer’s needs is crucial.

Creating a Custom CRM Database

Most businesses will have some type of contact management system to capture customer and prospect information. This could be an existing database, Excel spreadsheets, or old-school rolodexes. After selecting a new CRM, the vendor takes your data from every resource to create a custom database with the information crucial to your business.

Customizing your solution means you no longer need to hijack an unused field to make up for something vital to your business. Creating distinct fields for your data allows it to remain clean and expands your reporting options. This customization provides clarity down the line about what each field requires.

Custom CRM User Interfaces

Customization doesn’t stop at the database level. CRM vendors work hand-in-hand with your team to build interfaces exactly as your team or user needs. For example, dashboards are created from the fields, labels, and forms custom to your business.

These features are available for each user or different teams. For instance, your sales team may have workflows that show a sales pipeline or each stage of your sales cycle. Or your customer service team can view reports to enhance customer satisfaction. Regardless, your CRM system should mimic your business processes from the top down.

CRM software provides a comprehensive view of your business. Customizing your CRM tools defines what users need to see at every level of your organization. This includes an overview of how your business is doing down to the lines of an invoice.

Your unique data points are all trackable and reportable. All information is available in unlimited reports at the micro- and macro-level. You’ll never lose sight of the crucial data, and you’ll never lose access to the less vital data.

Find a CRM Partner – Not Just a Vendor

Curating your database and user interface is essential to a successful CRM platform. But you find a CRM solution and vendor who evolves with you. As your business grows and changes, you will need to make some changes to how you use your CRM. Your CRM vendor should assist with these changes along the way.

Your CRM vendor becomes your partner who helps adapt your CRM solution long term. Keep your software vendor from continually charging you for basic needs. Regular software upgrades and customizations should be included in your implementation contract.

Clear C2’s C2CRM

Clear C2 works with our customers to create new features based explicitly on their business needs. Your C2CRM solution is an experience that is truly unique to their business.

To see the options for what C2CRM has to offer your business, schedule a demo today! We provide multiple demos and a free trial of our program so you can get a feel for the basics and what specifics we can help your business with.