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CRM Website Integration

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CRM Website Integration and How it Can Help Your Business

Web CRM integration merges your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with your website’s Content Management System (CMS) – like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. After the integration process is complete, you will receive a robust and powerful tool that will help you manage your customer base to meet their needs.

Why Integrate Into Your Website?

Integrating increases the effectiveness of your website and CRM system. It allows you to automate leads generated from website traffic and simultaneously take advantage of the analytical data collected on customers who visit your website.

The entire process of pulling in data from your website is automated. Create forms on your website and auto-assign leads & tasks to your sales reps. Automate your sales processes to avoid data entry and respond quickly to customer questions.

For Lead Generation

When prospects research goods & services, they search the internet and fill out various web forms on company websites. They use this data to compare and evaluate different vendors.

Suppose you integrate web forms with your CRM. When forms are submitted, the data is automatically entered into your database. Your web leads are ready for you to qualify and nurture. Your salesperson will be the first to respond, resulting in a higher percentage rate of closing the deal.

For Partners

Website integration has many benefits for selling products and services through distributors, resellers, and dealers. Potential partners sign up and fill out registration forms on your website. The data collected transfers to your CRM, and the prospect goes into a marketing campaign where they learn about your products and program. The CRM will notify the partner manager to follow up.

For Customers

Customers have reasons to be on your website as well. Maybe they just filled out an existing survey web form on your site. Possibly they submitted a support ticket request. C2CRM integration can pull that info into the system and map it to the customer’s record or create a service ticket. Overall, it makes a better customer profile for your entire organization.

How is Integration Done in C2CRM?

We make CRM and Web Integration easy. Using C2CRM Webforms, you’ll take the URL and put it in your CMS. The form is a code for capturing and sending the information to C2CRM. The data will not be stored on the CMS site. 

Some customers use their own forms application. Sometimes, they save the form to a CMS table, then use the CRM Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to insert the contact into the CRM database. The information would then be stored on the CMS site, although that is not a requirement. CRMs can capture the data from the other forms and plug their API into that process.  

If you are considering this type of integration and do not have another forms application now, then it is recommended that you start out using the CRM web forms. And decide if its capabilities meet your needs first.

In both cases, there is some “mapping” work that C2CRM does for you. This mapping takes whatever fields you put on the form and creates a record in our C2CRM system. The data depends on the information you ask the website visitor to provide

Benefits of C2CRM and Website Integration
  • Improve Customer Experience

It can become challenging to keep up with demand when dealing with inquiries. C2CRM integrated into your website will help automate information that needs follow-up. It is essential to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Comprehensive View of Customer

Obtaining a complete view of customers is critical, meaning your customer data cannot be in silos and should include data from all channels. Integrating your website with C2CRM will give you a complete picture of your customer’s interactions with your organization, from initial inquiry to sales, communications, and eventual feedback. It gives you access to more reliable and consistent information. You are better informed about your customers and have better visibility of your customer’s behavior and buying habits.

  • Retain Customer Loyalty

Customers are happy when their issues and requests are resolved quickly and by the correct person. Website integration can help you track customer satisfaction and send auto-notifications acknowledging the problems that must be solved. 

  • Increased Productivity and Effectiveness

As a result of integrating C2CRM into your website, you can minimize wasted time on manual data entry. You will not have to cut and paste data or perform manual imports/exports between the two systems. Most of all, you eliminate the possibility of human error by automatically capturing the data.

  • Increased Sales

Integrating your website with C2CRM will help you improve your sales by increasing the volume and quality of leads and setting them up for better follow-up and nurturing. 

What Types of Landing Pages/Webforms Can You Integrate?

You may have many web forms on your website to collect valuable prospect & customer info. These web forms can be existing ones that your CMS created, or C2CRM can create web forms and place them on your website.

Some Web Form Examples:

  • Surveys
  • Contact Us
  • Contact our Sales Team
  • Request A Quote
  • Schedule a Demo
  • Sign Up for a Free Trial
  • Become a Partner Application/Form
  • Verification & Eligibility Forms, such as Credit Applications
  • Request a Sample
  • Repair & Maintenance Request Form – RMA

Integrating your website with C2CRM will give you a fuller, more complete picture of your customer’s interactions with your organization, from initial inquiry to sales, communications, and eventual feedback. It gives you access to more reliable and consistent information, which leads to increased sales, reduced costs, and better customer satisfaction.

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