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Compare HubSpot CRM vs. C2CRM

Why C2CRM is the best alternative to HubSpot

C2CRM doesn’t limit you to ANY number of contacts, reports, or data. The cost of our Core module is $37, per user, per month. This module is the foundation of our CRM and is required for every user. Many features are included, like texting, email integration, mobile CRM, workflow automation, and much more.

If you add additional modules, like the Sales Module, it’s an extra $15, per user, per month. Our Sales package includes all the Core features plus opportunity creation & tracking, sales pipeline management, quote generation, forecasting, contracts & invoicing, and more. 

Clear C2 does not outsource to 3rd party consultants or business partners. We learn your business processes and customize your CRM solution based on your needs. So your C2CRM system will never be considered “clunky” or “hard to use.”

Free, unlimited support and training are included with your monthly software license subscription (10-user minimum required).

Remember, if a CRM vendor offers ‘free’ software, you may end up paying more at a later date. Always read the T’s & C’s and watch your limits on data, contacts, reports, and more. Don’t waste time and resources on a “clunky” CRM and pay much more than you originally budgeted.

Key Features & Pricing Comparisons

Compare C2CRM’s Core Solution with the add-on Sales Module AND HubSpot CRM & Sales Hub

Key Features

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Price Per User

$450 for 5 users ($90/user)

additional users are $100 (10 users = $950/month)

$52 per user, per month

Reporting Dashboards

25 dashboards, 30 reports per dashboards


Sales Workflow Automation

Up to 300 workflows


Deal Pipeline

Up to 15 deal pipelines per account


Automated Sales Processes

Up to 300 workflow automations


Product Library

Up to 1 million products


Custom Reporting

Up to 100 custom reports


Contact & Task Management

Sales Mapping Features

NOPaid Add-on

Mobile Access


NOEnterprise Version

Recurring Revenue Tracking

NOEnterprise Version

If you are moving off of HubSpot, we can get your data and processes duplicated and moved over to your C2CRM solution. Or if comparing C2CRM and HubSpot, contact us at for a quote, or please schedule a demo of C2CRM

You will love our product and our people.