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Compare Zoho vs. C2CRM

Why C2CRM is the Best Alternative to Zoho

C2CRM has many great features; it’s very powerful and easy to use.  However, having the great support of our customers is where we shine. Our internal installation and customer support teams learn your business processes and set up your solution to fit how you do business. This makes it easy for your employees actually to use (and like) our CRM solution.

Ongoing customer support and training are free with your monthly license fees (starting at $37, per user, per module for the CORE system).  We will train your critical users on more advanced features and customizations, or just call our support team, and we will make changes for you. Unlimited training is included for all current users and any new employees.

We won’t ‘nickel and dime’ you for any data or storage limitations. Your monthly license fees will always remain the same unless you need to adjust the number of users and/or modules.

Key Features & Pricing Comparisons

Compare C2CRM’s Core Solution with the add-on Sales Module AND Zoho’s Ultimate Edition

Key Features

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Price Per User

$65 per user/per month

$52, per user/per month

File Storage

5GB/Org; 1GB/user license

additional storage is $4.6/month/5GB


Data Storage

10 GB/org; 100 MB/user license (1-200 users)

30 GB/org; 100 MB/user license (+ 201 users)


Technical Support

Free Classic Support (only by email or critical requests) 

other paid options available

Free (included with monthly license subscription)

Workflow & Approval Automation

Contact & Lead Management

Sales Mapping Features

NOPaid Add-on

Mobile Access

Custom Fields

500 fields/module

Advanced Reporting Options

Import Data

50k records

Tasks, Events, Call Log, & Notes

Sales Forecasting

Whether you are comparing Zoho to C2CRM or moving off of Zoho, please schedule a demo of C2CRM. We will show you all of our similarities and differences. And give you pricing on everything you need.

You will love our product and our people.