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Reasons to Switch From
Salesforce to C2CRM

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Why choose C2CRM over the ‘CRM Mammoth’ Salesforce?

Are you tired of Salesforce? Has their CRM software failed to meet your business needs? I’d like to give you a few reasons to switch from Salesforce and choose C2CRM as your next (and final) CRM solution. If you look at Salesforce and C2CRM from a macro view, both software systems are enterprise CRM applications.

They address the core relationship management features, sales, marketing automation, and customer support functionality. Each application has different nuances and user interfaces that make the experience unique. But the key difference is what I like to call the “Big Box” model vs. the “Consultative” model.

The “Big Box” Model

In most cases, Salesforce will sell you their software, but leave you to force-fit your business model into their out-of-the-box solution. And if you want to customize their software to fit your processes, they will pass you off to a 3rd party (i.e., outsourcing).

BEWARE, this will come with a premium price, not only for the initial implementation but for any changes you need over time. This is how ‘these vendors’ make their money. The “Big Box” model creates common and well-publicized issues. These problems force many unhappy customers to look for a replacement system.

The “Consultative” Model

At Clear C2, we do not outsource any part of our offering and do not work with any 3rd parties. We develop, sell, implement, train, and support C2CRM directly. Our focus is to make sure your CRM solution fits your business processes. This will ensure user adoption.

We will continue working with you as your business model changes. Your CRM system will remain relevant and keep your user adoption rate high. This is the Clear C2 Advantage. With our support model, we provide ongoing communication, which allows immediate feedback and software enhancements.

By choosing C2CRM, you will get a partner (Clear C2), that understands your business. We will deliver a full-featured CRM system with the latest technology, a custom fit at a great price.

Want to learn more?

Take a look at our comparison page and see how C2CRM compares feature for feature. We think you’ll agree that C2CRM is the best alternative to Salesforce.