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Compare Salesforce vs. C2CRM

Why C2CRM is the best alternate to Salesforce

C2CRM is an affordable, easy-to-use CRM sales solution. You don’t need a full-time CRM administrator or a 3rd party partner to help you get started or make changes to the system. Our team works with each customer to make sure your CRM application is set up with your company’s unique processes and workflows. We train your team to make changes to the system as needed, or contact our free support – Customer support and training are included in the cost of the monthly license fee.

EASY TO USE – We customize our CRM to fit your business

AFFORDABLE – Clear C2 does not use Business Partners/3rd parties for anything

YOUR TEAMS WILL USE IT – Free Support & Training (included with Monthly License Fees)

NO SURPRISE FEES – Unlimited Data & Storage

EASY INTEGRATIONS – One-time Integration fee for each outside application (ERP, Accounting, etc.)

Key Features & Pricing Comparisons

Compare C2CRM’s Core Solution with add-on Sales Module AND Salesforce Sales Cloud – Professional (formerly Lightning)

Key Features

salesforce logo

Price Per User

$75 per user/per month

$52, per user/per month

Contacts & Data Storage

1GB or 20MB (whichever is greater)


Free Technical Support

NOPhone & chat only in paid support plans

Sales Mapping Features

NOSalesforce Mapps add-on starting at $75 per user/per month

Mobile Access

Custom Forecasting Fields

NOonly available with larger editions

Advanced Reporting Options

NOonly available with larger editions

Workflow & Approval Automation

NOonly available with larger editions

Open API

NOonly available with larger editions

Hosting Options


Cloud or On-Premise

Contact & Task Management

Sales Process Automation

Mass Imports

Quoting with Price Lists


Quotation Templates


# of Dashboards

Up to 10 per organization


If you are looking for the best alternative CRM to Salesforce, please schedule a demo of C2CRM. We will get your data moved over to C2CRM including workflows, processes, pick-lists, categories, and whatever else you need. You will love our product and our people. Find out why companies have been moving from Salesforce to C2CRM for over 20 years.