Text Messaging With CRM

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Chantaye Patton

Texting in CRM applications is a great way to communicate with customers and prospects. You can quickly correspond with contacts, track two-way communication, and share the data with team members.

CRM software has many opportunities to use texting and save time when trying to sell and maintain your products and services. 

Topics for Texts in different areas of CRM:

  • Send personalize messages with mass texting (Marketing Automation)
  • Confirm a meeting or appointment (Communications)
  • Verify quote requirements (Sales)
  • Respond to inquiries about shipment dates (Customer Service) 

Texting vs. Email Statistics

Phone calls and emails have been the most common way to communicate with your customers and prospects in the past. However, people stopped answering their phones and ignoring most of their emails. So how are you going to get information to your prospects and customers? You are going to send SMS messages to them within your CRM system.

Marketing Profs reports that 98% of all SMS/Text Messages are viewed compared to only 20% of emails. Here are other findings: 

  • Email response rates are 6% vs. SMS response rates are 45%
  • Email response time averages 90 minutes vs. Text responses only take an average of 90 seconds  

C2CRM SMS/Texting Feature

C2CRM allows you to send texts from various modules within the application. You can start an SMS text conversation from either the contact, activity, opportunity, or customer support ticket records. These conversations are stored within each module (as well as the contact record where their phone number is stored).

Saving texts in your CRM application ensures your teams have up-to-date information and keeps everyone on the same page. Your contacts benefit by receiving information instantly and the chance to quickly respond. But, if your client is unable to immediately respond, C2CRM provides notifications to alert you when you receive a message.

Texting has many applications throughout the customer relationship, as demonstrated C2CRM client Basement Waterproofing Specialists.

Clear C2 includes the texting features in our Core Package that starts at $37/per user, per month. If you’d like to see a demo of C2CRM’s texting feature or other features, please schedule a live demo today.