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Importance of Mobile CRM Solutions

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Importance of Mobile CRM Solutions Charlie Spaneas Introduction  You need a mobile CRM app if you use your phone to work and interact with clients and customers. Outside sales, business development, and field service reps all benefit from CRM software outside of the office.  Implementing a “Mobile CRM” manages important data in real-time, wherever you […]

Business Card Scanner in your CRM app

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Business Card Scanner in your CRM App Charlie Spaneas What is a business card reader? Does your CRM app have a business card reader? You can scan a business card and upload the contact information into your CRM system. Store every detail on a business card, including names, phone numbers, and addresses. Have you been […]

Phone Sales Tips

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Top 12 Phone Sales Tips Used by Successful Salespeople Chantaye Patton Phone Sales Tips This article will share the Top 12 phone sales tips that successful salespeople use. Using these tips will help build your pipeline and close more deals. Whether you’re an experienced sales pro or just learning how to sell, read on for […]

Text Messaging With CRM

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Text Messaging With CRM Chantaye Patton Texting in CRM applications is a great way to communicate with customers and prospects. You can quickly correspond with contacts, track two-way communication, and share the data with team members. CRM software has many opportunities to use texting and save time when trying to sell and maintain your products […]

Relationship Management in Business

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Relationship Management in Business Charlie Spaneas Relationship management is the most important aspect of any business. It is the foundation of keeping customers and gaining new ones. It also pertains to internal communications within your own company across all departments. Without relationships, there is no trust or credibility to leverage when your business is not […]

Email Marketing

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Email Marketing Charlie Spaneas Email marketing is the distribution and communication of a message using email. These emails are sent to an individual or to a group of people. Businesses typically use email marketing to advertise their products or email newsletters. It also helps promote loyalty and brand awareness in a company’s broader digital marketing […]

CRM with Project Management

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CRM with Project Management Charlie Spaneas Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Project Management (PM) gives you the tools to manage your projects successfully. Your integrated CRM and Project Management solution gives you a completely accessible solution. It’s a solution to assign tasks, track time, and view all contact details related to your customers. Do you […]

CRM with Customer Support

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CRM with Customer Support Chantaye Patton If you track many customer calls and questions, you need a CRM with Customer Support. Automating the process of taking customers’ questions and getting results faster will boost internal productivity and increase customer satisfaction. But what does great customer service look like? How do you make it happen? And […]

What is a Drip Campaign?

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What is a Drip Campaign? Charlie Spaneas Drip Campaigns Drip campaigns are automated marketing processes that send information to contacts over a period of time. The messaging can come via automated emails, social media posts, phone calls, or regular mail. These drip marketing campaigns can focus on one type of delivery or a mixture of several […]

How CRM Helps Reduce Operating Costs

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How CRM Helps Reduce Operating Costs Charlie Spaneas Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps businesses reduce operating costs and increase sales. Managing customers, products, marketing, and sales can be overwhelming regardless of your business’s size or scale. There are many moving parts. Luckily, technology has stepped in to make the process more manageable (and more transparent). […]